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Thank you for visiting Raise-it-Rite Concrete Leveling. Your concrete raising, repair, and replacement contractor serving the S/E Michigan area. Raise-it-Rite is fully licensed & insured, family owned and operated company committed to providing top quality service to any type of property with concrete issues. We are highly recommended contractors who take the time to answer questions, provide  honest evaluations, affordable solutions,and a dependable service to our clients.


Do This RITE

Our service is also commonly referred to as “Mud-Jacking” or “Slab-Jacking” The process can SAVE YOU 50-80% VERSUS REPLACING. Concrete raising is not a “do-it-yourself” project. Our trained and experienced workers use specialized equipment to pump and pressurize a nationally recognized grout material under the concrete. This process raises your concrete back to its original pitch, position, grade or better. Eliminating dangerous trip and fall areas, puddle areas, current or future water problems in basements, and city code violations all while increasing your property value!

Why raise over replace?

Replacement takes time. You are sometimes asked to stay off new concrete with vehicles for up to 2 weeks. Not only will your yard most likely get torn up by heavy machinery, you end up with a giant white slab that does not match any of your remaining concrete. You are given no warranty, so if your slab starts falling apart in the next year its your loss…
With concrete raising we are on and off the job-site with an average of 2 to 4 hours. We only ask you to stay off the slabs raised for about 2 to 3 days and the only visible evidence we were even there are the small 1″ holes that are drilled in order to inject our slurry. These holes are patched with concrete and normally blend in within a couple seasons. We also give a standard 2 year warranty with our work, with the option to pay for additional warranty. If your slabs re-settle we will come pump them back up, most of the time using the same holes drilled from the original lift!

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